Work Environment, Health & Safety

At US Pharma, we believe in inculcating and working responsibly so that our employees, the community at large, and the environment including natural resources, are protected, leaving minimal environmental footprints.

Our commitment is to ensure that the facilities have as low as possible, an impact on local people, and the environment and we continue to work in close partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to ensure that we are a responsible neighbour.

Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance is on top priority and we are open & honest about such performance.

Current Openings

Walking Interview Timing:
Monday to Saturday Between 2 to 4.30 (Excluding 2nd & 4th Saturday and all Sunday).

Experience : 9 - 10 years

Salary : 6-8 Lacs P.A.

Job Location : Wada

Job Description:

Responsible for manufacturing and development of Ointment & other topical products.

Fully conversant with FDA, GMP, WHO & other Audits

Approved in ointment, Knowledge of BMR & Documentation

Planning and organizing production schedules

Assessing product and resource requirements

Determining quality standards

Overseeing production processes

Selecting and indenting required row material

Organizing the routine maintenance of production equipment

Supervising and managing the work of junior staff.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate daily ointment production activities to meet production targets and deadlines.
  • Monitor production processes and equipment to ensure optimal efficiency and quality output.
  • Identify and resolve any production bottlenecks, technical issues, or deviations from established procedures.
  • Supervise and lead a team of production operators, technicians, and other relevant staff members.
  • Provide training, guidance, and mentorship to ensure a skilled and motivated production workforce.
  • Foster a positive work environment that promotes teamwork, safety, and adherence to company policies.
  • Implement and maintain strict quality control measures throughout the production process.
  • Collaborate with quality control and quality assurance teams to ensure products meet regulatory and quality standards.
  • Conduct regular inspections and audits to identify and address quality concerns or deviations.
  • Continuously evaluate production processes and identify opportunities for optimization and efficiency enhancement.
  • Lead or contribute to process improvement initiatives aimed at reducing waste, increasing productivity, and minimizing costs.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date production records, batch documentation, and relevant reports.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including FDA, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and other applicable standards.
  • Coordinate with procurement and supply chain teams to ensure availability of raw materials, packaging materials, and other resources.
  • Monitor inventory levels and collaborate with inventory control teams to prevent shortages or excess stock.
  • Enforce and promote a culture of safety, following established safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and sustainable practices within the production process.
  • Collaborate with research and development teams to introduce new products or improve existing formulations.
  • Work closely with engineering and maintenance teams to address equipment maintenance and repair needs.


  • Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or a related field. Advanced degrees may be preferred.
  • Proven experience in pharmaceutical or cosmetic production, with specific experience in ointment manufacturing preferred.
  • Strong understanding of GMP, FDA regulations, and other relevant industry standards.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to process optimization.
  • Proficiency in documentation and record-keeping.
  • Familiarity with production management software and tools.
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple priorities effectively.

Joining as an Ointment Production Manager offers the opportunity to contribute to the creation of high-quality healthcare and cosmetic products while ensuring regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Role: Product Manager - Pharma

Industry Type: Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Department: Product Management

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent

Role Category: Product Management – Other

Education: UG: B.Tech/B.E. in Bio-Chemistry/Bio-Technology, Biomedical, B.Pharma in Pharmacy

Key Skills: laboratory techniques, dynamic environment. Good knowledge of chemistry and laboratory techniques. Attention to detail and commitment to quality. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Roles and Responsibilities: 1/2 Yrs.

Salary: 2 to 3 Lack

Job Location : Worli

Job Description:

Good verbal and written communication skills.

Responsible for purchasing project related items within the time frame.

Coordinate with warehouse staff to ensure proper storage.

PO finalization, delivery follow up of materials, Payment to the vendors, receiving policy and procedures, interacting with store in charge and collecting indents time to time

Compare and evaluate offers from suppliers.

Preparing Purchase orders, receiving purchase requests from departments, getting quotations and making negotiations.

Maintain updated records of purchased products, delivery information, and invoices.

Experience : 2 - 3 years

Salary : 3-3.5 Lacs P.A.

Job Location : Worli

Roles and Responsibilities: 2/3 Yrs.

  • Preparing daily calendar of Director.
  • 1. Scheduling: The EA is responsible for managing the executive's calendar, scheduling appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements, and ensuring that the executive is aware of their schedule.
  • 2. Communication: The EA is the main point of contact between the executive and internal and external stakeholders. They are responsible for responding to emails, answering phone calls, and drafting letters, memos, and other correspondence on behalf of the executive.
  • 3. Confidentiality: The EA is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the executive's information and activities, and ensuring that all information is handled with the utmost discretion.
  • HR related work, search the candidate, interview schedule line up, Provide the joining document, collect the new candidate document

Fluent English must

EHS Culture

As an industry leader, we are committed to promoting economic growth in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.

Our management team and employees know that the sustainable long–term future of our businesses rests on our track record in Environment, Health and Safety. Employees and contractors throughout the Company participate in EHS programs, contribute to investigations and incident learning, and suggest ongoing improvements in EHS standards and procedures.

EHS Policy

We are committed to manufacturing and supplying the bulk drugs, drugs intermediates and pharmaceutical formulations with due respect to the environment, health and safety aspects and legal requirements associated with our operations and personnel.

We shall demonstrate the effective implementation and continual improvement of environmental, occupational health and safety management system through awareness, sharing of information, training, and provision of resources, periodic reviews, monitoring and measurement, prevention of incidents, conservation and promotion of the environment through tree plantation, waste reduction, and recovery of solvents chemicals.


We aim to use natural resources efficiently and by constant monitoring and preventive actions, minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and products during their life cycles. We ensure this through well designed systematic storage and use of chemicals, safe disposal of effluent material, control of gas emission and by adopting methods of resource conservation such as recycling of water at our plants through the reverse osmosis process.